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A beautiful sunrise this morning! I was able to capture this beauty on my way to a Civil Air Patrol activity.

The worst part about these great activities is they start to darn early in the morning!

<![CDATA[On Our Way]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 05:59:45 GMThttp://mizner.weebly.com/blog/on-our-wayI wanted to go for a run today, but wanted company.  Claire was kind enough to get out her bike and ride along side me while I ran.  She's a great motivator - constantly cheering my on! (I need this drastically as I slowly ease my way back into running.) 

Running down the street I was struck by how empty this giant street was, with my little girl seeming to be there by herself.  It made me think of her future and my hopes for her as she grows and one day goes off on her own.  That day is going to come WAY too soon for me. 
<![CDATA[Too Cold for Softball]]>Sun, 02 Feb 2014 06:21:28 GMThttp://mizner.weebly.com/blog/too-cold-for-softballSpring Softball has begun!  However, the weather does not want to cooperate!  I really shouldn't complain, as the south and northeast parts of the country are so extremely cold right now, our Las Vegas cold doesn't really compare.  But, when you live in Las Vegas, your blood must thin or something, and mine sure has.  I was frozen at the softball scrimmage.  Thank goodness this game was at least at 2pm.  Those poor people who went to 8am games!
<![CDATA[Photo Studio]]>Sat, 25 Jan 2014 05:51:28 GMThttp://mizner.weebly.com/blog/photo-studioI'm sure you know how it starts.  First, I want to take a few shots of the dogs. So I'm going to get a backdrop. Now I need something to hold the backdrop.  So I look online to find directions to make one.  That leads me to eBay.  eBay very kindly has lots of backdrop stands I can buy. The company that sell the one I want also sells packages.  Because their packages are such good deals, I buy one.  Two days later, this is what I get to play with....
This is without really moving the furniture.  Once the furniture is out of the way, I can increase the size of the backdrop and the possibilities!

Crazy? Yes!  Fun? You bet!
<![CDATA[Dogs]]>Tue, 21 Jan 2014 23:40:35 GMThttp://mizner.weebly.com/blog/dogsWelcome 2014!  It's been awhile since I posted to my 365 project/blog.  Although I have been taking photos daily (mostly), I have been challenged to actually post anything! I posted some of the highlights from the last month, and feel caught up (mostly!) and ready to start posting daily again. 

I recently set up a mock photo studio in our living room by a window with great light and had a fun time shooting pictures of me and my dogs.  I can't wait to try it again! (I even re-arranged the living room furniture in the process. Bonus!) 
<![CDATA[Scuba Diving Scare]]>Mon, 20 Jan 2014 06:35:31 GMThttp://mizner.weebly.com/blog/scuba-diving-scareMike went scuba diving with friends out at Lake Mead, just like he always does. This time the day ended a little different! 

Down at depth (105 feet), Mike started having trouble.  He had so much mucus build up he was having a hard time clearing his throat and finding air to breathe.  Coming up quickly, he thought he'd be able to breathe easier at 60 ft.  That wasn't the case.  And, by the time he got 60 ft, even though he was letting all of the air out of his BCD trying to slow his ascent, he shot to the surface.  Once at the surface, still hard to breathe because of the over abundance of mucus, he had to get help to get back to the boat. Luckily, oxygen was on board that he was able to utilize. 

He drove himself home, but wasn't looking great once there.  Worried that he had a trapped air bubble because of his quick ascent, we went to the ER at Centennial Hospital.  Hours later, and lots of phone calls between the doctor, the hyperbaric chamber at Long Beach, and DAN (Diver's Alert Network), Mike was released to come home with the caveat that he return if he got worse. 

Doctors are still not 100% sure what happened, but the thought is it might have been IPE or Immersion Pulmonary Edema.  I'm just glad this smiling face is back home and smiling again.  More tests are needed to confirm diving is still on the ok-to-do list, but we are hopeful.
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